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New Contributor

OCD Contamination



I am new here and feel that my 16 year old step-son may have OCD (contamination).


We recently returned from a trip to Bali and bought him some clothes, bags, hats etc.  When his dad presented it to him in a shopping bag (from home) he reacted very strongly, insisting that the items be removed from his room before screaming for the antiseptic spray and spraying it all over his bed (where the plastic bag had sat) and all over his room and racing to wash his hands. He believed the items are diseased/ germy and absolutely refuses to use/ wear any of the items. 


He also recently refused to eat a home cooked pizza on which was some slightly less than crispy (or undercooked as he called it) bacon pieces as he said that they would make him sick.


I am relatively new into his life and am concerned that his behaviour is possibly indicitive of OCD.  His sibling and father all say he has many other 'odd' behaviours.


Can anyone help me with this please? Does it seem as though he may have OCD (contamination) or could this be something else altogether or am I overly worried when I don't need to be?


Thank you.


Re: OCD Contamination

@worriedmumma  Hi worriedmumma and welcome to the forums. The symptoms your step son is showing could be the result of many disorders or illnesses. The best thing is to take him to your family gp and have him assessed properly. He maybe referred onto a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I am not going to second guess here what could be going on. Your gp would be the first person of contact. peax

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