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Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Yikes @Sophie1 

Family demands and pressures can really deplete us at times ... 


The garden has long been my happy place, weeding, watering, planting, having a coffee in the garden ... 


I also find that I am refreshed when I am in the right place at the right time with the appropriate resources to help someone out. This can be finding a funny that is right for the occasion, an op shop find/something on sale / a gift that I know someone particularly needs and would appreciate, going out for coffee, helping someone do a mini declutter,  cooking a meal/other recipe that can be shared that is a culinary triumph .... so many more things.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Thx @Darcy for sharing your ideas - interesting to see what energises and calms at the same time - gardening sounds rewarding 🌷 and coffees/tea I always love ☕️ ...  interesting re your thoughts on how helping others makes you feel and the different ways you have found to help others - I will try to notice this too and think of more creative targeted ways to help .. you have really made me think - Thankyou Darcy 🙏 sleep well 😴 

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii


Then there is music, time with our pets, reading,  knitting  + more 😀. 


Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Good evening all, how are we all? 

The last 24 hours have been a living hell for me. The husband was taken into hospital by ambulance last night from an attempt... Id thought that the loneliness was getting easier but I was wrong. 

He now wont be back home for some time between hospital and rehab stays. I know Im going to struggle with the kids alone.

Just wish the magic mental health fairy would come and blow her magic mental health dust on us. 

Mrs Jones x 

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii


Sending very very gentle thoughts your way. 

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Thank you @Darcy
Any tips on keeping the world turning when your partners isnt....???

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii


Here also. 


Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Mrsjones  no easy answer to that ☹

1 day at a time. And get support (practicle and emotional)  wherever you can.  

How old are your children? 

When my darling was last away we had 3 children between 1 and 11 

I don't know how  I would have managed without outside support. 

Really feeling for you at the moment. 



Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

My children are 9 weeks and 8 years. My son is disabled which offers its own set of challenges.
I am lucky I get heaps of support from my family, just feel so bad for leaning on them. Wish I could tackle it more independently (thats just my pride speaking).
Its times like this where I realise how much I rely on him both physically and emotionally. I hope I can get better at this - this is now the 5th time in 12 months his been admitted.
Sorry to bring down this otherwise very beautiful Saturday night, hope you all are having a relaxing night.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

At first I was quite numb and went through the motions @Mrsjones , hubby was initially in ICU, needed surgery. My heart ached.  I sometimes allowed myself to feel the pain and cry at night. 


I rang the suicide support line when I needed to speak to someone 1300 659 467

Chat also available


I got counseling through Carers Australia - there is a phone service through the carer gateway




For urgent assistance, call: