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Good morning everyone,


New to the forum side of things so please excuse me, I'm 35yr male, I have been diagnosed with OCD (Intrusive Thoughts) about 2 years ago, have always had anxiety issues as a kid for as long as I can remember and still to this day.

I have been on a very long and tiring journey trying to find the holy grail to fix my OCD and anxiety but still no luck. I'm a very fit person, I go to the gym most days which helps with the anxiety, I've previously been very unhealthy, smoking eating bad foods, drinking lots of alcohol etc.

I no longer drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I eat very clean, no gluten, dairy etc and the list goes on.

I've been to several theropist with no luck and feel I'm just taken on a ride with them, they preach all the text book things that you can find on a google search and all they are interested in is the money at the end of the session and getting you out the door as quick as possible for the next sucker. None of them have OCD and they can only preach what they have been tought not from experience and experience is a big thing to me.

Done the medication thing, tried them all, all they do is either make me sick or make the symnpoms worse. (go figure)

I understand what I need to do with my OCD and how I need to treat it in my head but I'm struggling to do so.

I'm a Diesel Mechanic by trade and my mind works in such a way that I need to understand how something works so I can fix it. My OCD is no different. I've spent years and years, thousands of dollars, ended relationships all to wind up to this morning where nothing has changed and I'm still on the search.

I've been married for 12 years with two kids but my OCD is at a point where my wife can't take it anymore and its destrying our marrige.

I'm here today because the only avenue I havent been down is speaking with other people that have OCD intrusive thoughts, I'm hoping there is someone if not alot of people here that have the same struggle with me and have a handle on it and I can see how your have made it work for you.

Sorry to bore you with the details but I'm a very upfront person, I'm not ashamed of my Mental Health problems and sometimes grateful because they have driven me to be a very successful and caring person but they are tearing me apart from the inside and have had enough. 

I've shut out all my friends in life and hope I can make some new friends on here that share the same drive to better themselves and over come or manage this problems.

Thank you for listening, hope you all have a great Sunday!!



Re: Hello!!

Hi @Seven and welcome!

I dont suffer from OCD however i wanted to welcome you and to let you know that your not alone. I hope that others who do have OCD will join in and share what has helped them.

You are also welcome to join in with any thread you feel comfortable with. We have many interest threads such as animals, cooking, and pets. im not sure about cars and/or other interests you might have but you are always welcome to make one of your own Smiley Happy
We have social threads such as a 'Good Morning' one where everyone greets and pretty much just chats throughout the day.

You can also find other OCD threads by taking a search on the sane searchbar and something will hopefully come up.

Re: Hello!!

@outlander Thank you for the welcome, I really appreciate it!! I'm looking forward to chating with you all, I think this is a great thing and excited to find out how others are dealing with things.


Thanks again Outlander!! have a great day, hope to chat soon! Smiley Happy


Re: Hello!!

Not a problem Smiley Happy
would you like me to tag you into the good morning thread and introduce you to some members?

Re: Hello!!

Yes that would be great thanks @outlander !!


Re: Hello!!

Hello @Seven 

I have not been diagnised with OCD, but had a lot of anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

I just finished a novel by an Australian writer called "Additions" about someone with OCD.  It raises questions about therapy.  It was funny, quirky, even sexy.  

I hope you get support from the forum ...

Smiley Happy


Re: Hello!!

hi @Seven


I'm a similar age, with OCD and an aspie.


I'm not sure that it's something that can be eliminated, but thinking objectively, meditation and out of desperation hypnosis (too many of them are froot loops) may have helped me.  I did have one good shrink and made some progress but at the moment I'm fighting the worst crap and the worst feelings about stuff that may or may not be true, fun.  


I've probably been terrible with shrinks because I need to be logic'd out of stuff.  I'm usually on here late at night listening to music and getting some alone time and chat, if that makes sense.

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