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Casual Contributor

Having BPD and in a relationship

I've been online dating for two years. I am on a disability pension and don't have custody of my kids because of my illness. I have nothing but being judged by men constantly. My mental health is well managed now but the same questions still arise. What do u do for work. Why don't u have your kids. What I'llness do u have. Which usually ends the conversation. The guys that accept me have major problems themselves which is not healthy for me because I need someone stable. Anyone else in this situation.


Re: Having BPD and in a relationship

Yes I have BPD and have been in some shocking relationships with some not so impressive men. Which just amplyfied my BPD to crazy levels cos they were treating me shitty too. 

Sorry to hear about your kids. That must be so hard.

I just realised this post is quite old! How are you doing now?

Re: Having BPD and in a relationship

Hi @Scribbles  just wanted to say welcome. I noticed your post. 👍👍

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