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Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

I understand manipulation very well @Faith-and-Hope, but I hope that he is engaging with you respectfully. 


But you're right, the world, or the kids lives and goals don't stop for your husband, there is only so much you can do. A trip overseas with the cubs to yourself, to chat and be away from Australia may be the environmental intervention you need right now. 


Have a safe journey, and some walks or meanders in nature or a gallery will be delightful, or maybe a cuddle coma by an open fire over looking some gorgeous mountains. 


Take care, Corny Heart




Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

Enjoy your holidays @Faith-and-Hope .

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......



Have a great trip overseas. See u in 2020Heart

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

I can feel it in me waters @Faith-and-Hope that you are in an alpine lodge somewhere by an open fire, the warmth and glow of the coal and embers melting all the stress out of your muscles and you are catching up on much needed sleep and relaxation. Maybe doing a cooking class by day or pulping your own tomatoes in a bath with your bare feet and pressing your own olive oil followed by canning freshly caught sardines for next season.


Corny Heart


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