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Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

My friend. I miss seeing you about but understand you are struggling atm.
I do hope you get help and keep at it. You will get a balance I think.
You are in my thoughts

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

@Appleblossom @Doglover @Hamsolo01 @outlander 

@greenpea @Gazza75 @Shaz51 @Zoe7 


To anyone else on a dsp

If u study an approved course u can claim an education supplement to help u out. Really helps

Just ask at Centrelink


A lot of people dont know about this payment


Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

Hi @Hamsolo01 , thank u for checking in on me. Yes I am going thru an extremely difficult time, I can't begin to describe how bad things r this end. I'm glad things r going better for u Hams and that u have started ur new job. Congratulations. I hope it all works out well for u.

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

Thanks again for thinking of me @Hamsolo01 

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

@Former-Member  Hey Donna1 thanks for the heads up. I had no idea re education supplement. I would love to go back and do some more study if I am capable that is. Thanks again. Love peaxxx

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this


Mine is an online course self paced & i can still get it its about $62 a fortnight.


Its to encourage people on dsp to study.


If u study something that lets u work self employed Its great too. Like me teaching an exercise class. What i earn with my abn is self employed income & doesnt affect my dsp. I still include it in my tax but if u have to earn quite a lot before paying tax on it.

Centrelink suggested i get an abn yrs ago & do it this way when i used to get paid to sing in nursing homes.


Its good to just start with a sm course.  I find studying stressful but self paced works for me cause if i start stressing too much i stop & go back to it next day.

Gradually my brain realises theres nothing to get fearful of & my stress gets less

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

Thanks for letting us know @Former-Member  and good on you Smiley Happy


What kind of course are you doing?

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this


My last course was cert3 in fitness

This one is an elective of the same course.

Basically an extension to it.

Its an aqua instructors course to teach aqua


Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this


That's awesome.  I really enjoyed hanging out with the Aqua aerobics people last year when I was struggling.  There instructor was really nice to Me and he did a special shout out to my brother.  I recorded a class so my brother could try and implement it with his exercise and recovery.  Not sure if he used it or not, but, at least he had it as an option. He broke his neck and was paralized.  Managed to walk out 9 months later Smiley Happy


Have a good day and don't study to hard! Smiley Wink

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this


Hey you. Thats okay. I was wondering how you were.

I do hope you find solace soon my awesome friend.

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