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Casual Contributor

After advice

Hi I’m new.

My 23yr old son suffers from depression and anxiety. Though his moods go up and down, like the weather.( From sad, anxious , angry, happy all in an afternoon ) 😩 Which is starting to take its toll on me .

I love to garden and crotchet.

Looking forward to suggestions  on how to handle these moods and being part of this group. 




Re: After advice

Good morning @Needpeace 


Mood swings in our loved ones = 😬

Getting support for ourselves = πŸ˜€

Connecting with others who understand = πŸ™Œ


I will tag you in some threads that may be helpful to you, including a couple of social ones as it is important to maintain our own self care.


Re: After advice

Thank you Darcy, 

I feel a bit better this morning, just by joining . 

Gives me hope πŸ™

Re: After advice

hello @Needpeace  and welcome to the forum

what kind of things you have in your garden Heart

Hello @Darcy 

Re: After advice

Welcome to the forum @Needpeace, it's great that you are feeling a bit better by joining the forum. It sounds like you're going through a tough time right now. Has your son just been diagnosed or has he had depression and anxiety for a while? 

Re: After advice

Hi Ali11, 

my son has had depression for years now . Being treated by psychologist and psychiatrist and on medications.

The depression bouts dont seem to last as long as they used to, but the last 6 months his mood changes so quickly. You never know what to expect, as people say walking on egg shells and I feel the moods transfer over to us 😬 . Little things really bother him and will set him backwards. I lately wonder if there some other mental health issue. As he has said he can go from 0 -100 in mood in seconds.

when he’s feeling really anxious , you try to keep him distracted because sometimes that then turns into anger.  I’m an easy going person who doesn’t like drama, I find all this stressful. πŸ™. Since he is not working at the moment, I often am rushing home or cancelling plans to make sure he is ok .  Thanks for letting me vent 🌻

Re: After advice

It may be worth checking with his doctor to see if you can another diagnosis @Needpeace, especially if you are seeing different symptoms. I can see how hard it must be to keep up with your own interests and needs. Self-care is important though - do you have anyone you can talk to?

Re: After advice


Re: After advice

Hi @Needpeace ,

Sheila here.

I also have a 21 yr old who suffers from depression and anxiety as well as aspergers syndrome. I totally understand how draining it is for you and the walking on eggshells thing. 

I share your love of gardening, and sometimes just pop out and pull a few weeds just to feel grounded. I have a veggie patch too which is satisfying. What kinds of things do you have in your garden? 

Re: After advice

How are you doing @Needpeace

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