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Re: A long rave

@Molliex wrote:

Hi @Dec, thanks for the thoughtful reply. Sorry to hear you're dealing with hayfever too. Here it's hot and windy, which is the worst for hayfever.


I saw my Dr. He's given me some suggestions for coping with the SH and is going to chat with my pdocs. Although I'm struggling, I'm lucky to have 3 great MH professionals working together to help. I just need to keep working on it and not give up 💜


Hope you have a lovely weekend 

HI again @Molliex 


I tend to start at the stop of the notifications and work down - maybe it's not the most best way of doing it so I missed this post ealier


Yes - hayfever is exhausting - a cold comes and stays and goes away - and that's the story but hayfever comes and goes and comes and goes and weeks can pass and we are always explaining to other people who have the same issue - it seems - hayfever is more socially acceptable than a bad cold or worse - the flu - but it can go on for so long.................... 0_l_]] - we often end up being totalled


I am really glad to hear you have a team of 3 MH professionals - that is excellent news - I have to say I have been very lucky when it has come to supportive professional people in my life - it makes a huge difference - we can work well with helpful people


The new psychologist I saw last week was like that - she is very enthusiastic and really feeds back that she has heard what I said - she will write a supportive report for the new pain specialist when I see him


Yes - it is stressful changing pain specialists but there are professionals out there who are less that user-friendly so it is encouraging to me to hear you have a good team


Keep up the good work Molliex - I am thrilled that you have joined the forum - you are very supportive with your posts



Re: A long rave

Good morning @frog and still getting
over my short cruise from Sydney/Bris.
Might become a cruise addict! Enjoy your day, frog. Hugs from Bimby2.

Re: A long rave

Hi @eth  thanks for your kind mention in A long rave.  I am finding today a bit overwhelming with emotion that is difficult to work out the source.  Not sure what has led to it dont know why i feel so sh...

Always had that empathy thing ,like the song says "i feel the pain of everyone......' . That is literally how it feels from anger, sadness, and a lot in between.  Learned how to work out what belongs to me and learned a clearing exercise to clear out what is not mine.  Sometimes though i stuff up and get swept up in it.  Stupidly i joined a dating site and got a kick out of views and messages.  When i then followed with irl dates it was really underwhelming.  We all have needs but i felt most people online just wanted to get physical and i felt like a piece of meat.  Did meet and chat to people who seemed nice but it is hard to tell.  Decided 2 cancel my subscription and maybe find groups with interests to join to meet friends or well... Not going to mince words find those who make life better and maybe physical.  I am getting too old to ignore the time i have left and i dont want to waste my time with tyre kickers.  Either get on in or go home sucker.  Some of the guys i met found me to be confronting and there were some steamy chats and dates.  But got really bored, have a low boredom threshhold.  So guessing the emotion may be frustration or such like.

Anyway my community who have needs (those who are also me) decided we will move on and although we wont online date we may carefully seek what we need in safer climes.  Who knew that complex mental health could also be trouble with getting intimate Smiley Happy.

So i think i better guard my craaazy self better but who knows it still may work out, i hope.  And of course hear i lose my train of thought.  Must be going through a tunnel.  My daughter says i use humour as a cover when im upset.  Shes probably right.

Cant change my CMH but just trying to get some fun and not hide as much.  Trouble is i dont feel as in control of the community when i am with other people, but still a work in progress.  Startng today i found a profile picture of one of my fav heros (calling her a heroine demeans her) wonder woman and i aim to treat my life now as she would a villain, head on.

Re: A long rave

Re: A long rave

I Read About It On Facebook


Re: A long rave

Top 35 Funniest Pictures with Quotes #Humor

Re: A long rave

Good morning to all here today.  A quiet and cool start here but heading to the farmers market in a while - will probably be a crowd there by the time we are.  


@Appleblossom  replying to your last post to me on SS yesterday - I didn't make it back there after sil and her mum came home.  Sat out by the pool with cheese, crackers and a bottle of white with them.  It's been a huge few weeks since their family member died and now that funeral and memorial service and sorting out the person's home and papers etc have happened they can slow down and have some peace.

Really glad you enjoyed the Ry Cooder.  I'm starting my day with him today.


I love what you said about it being music when conversations flow.

Re: A long rave

Hi @cutiepiekitty good on you for 20 laps at the pool.  I wouldn't be able to do that, but I do go to a water tai chi class in a hydrotherapy pool twice a week.  Exercising in water is so good for us.  I also have problems that mean many other forms of exercise are impossible for me.  

Hope your appointment goes well on Monday.  For that sort of therapy I sometimes write a list of things I want to talk about, and sometimes have even handed my list to my psychologist or doctor when I walk in.  Whenever I've done that they've thanked me and discussion has really stayed on track and been effective.

Re: A long rave

Thanks @eth 

Re: A long rave

Hi and good morning to all here today.  Hope it has started peacefully for you and progresses smoothly.  Warm wishes to anyone struggling or feeling overwhelmed at the moment in the hope that today is one of the better ones for you, that you are finding the support you want both here and in your daily life.  

@CheerBear @Teej @outlander @frog @Shaz51 @Appleblossom @greenpea @Adge @Dec @cutiepiekitty @LadyCaroline @Bimby2 @Molliex @Maggie @Sherry @Sans911 @Snowie @Determined @Faith-and-Hope @Hamsolo01 @TAB @Gazza75 @eudemonism @Sophia1 @Exoplanet @Scarecrowe @Razzle @Angels333 @Doglover @saturnzoon and so many more who I think of often but mind is still waking up today so sorry if I've missed you.

And tagging @Tinsel @Joy99 @Lise07 @Svety @Lyra_reachout @AKC2019 @Smacca @Herbmeister @Serenity_13  - welcome to the forums if you're new.  This thread is partly a social one to meet new people and also a safe place to rave about anything you feel like, find some support and others with common ground.  If you want to respond to a particular person type @ and then their name and you'll get a drop down box where you can click on their name.

Hope you enjoy and find the forums helpful.  We're a very supportive and friendly bunch.


Today I was meant to have my 3rd driving lesson with the MH occupational therapist specialised instructor but it's been cancelled because of fires in the area where he lives.  Which is also the area bro and sil have their community farm.  The one guy who lives there all the time has said he doesn't want to leave while it's safe to do so, despite the rest of the group all wanting him to.  Only one road out there.   Plus my uncle's home is now cut off with the one road out blocked and fires very close.  Thank goodness he got out a week ago - fires in his area going into the 3rd week now - and he will come to us tomorrow to wait it out.   So we're all on high alert here even right in the centre of town, very smoky here this morning.  Today is forecast to be hot and windy again - stay safe everyone.  If you're in an area at risk please form a safety plan and organise whatever you need to take with you. 


I'll be going to water tai chi later with my support worker but that's about it for today.  I'm around for a while now if anyone wants to chat.


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