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Re: A long rave

Its coming hot again here too @CheerBear after a few days of welcomed rain.

Your day sounds good too. No need to apologise. I understand and theres never any pressure to stay beyond your limits.
I have been reading but idont have experience in the area you having s hard time with but know im walking along aide you anyway 💚💗

I had a washing machine fall onto my foot @eth they done xrays a week ago but it was pretty fresh and they couldn't see any breaks but its not much better still so its a little worrying. I cant walk much and even sheets touching my foot ia painful.

Re: A long rave

OUCH!!! @outlander

Re: A long rave

I notice you around @outlander and always appreciate your presence, even when it is quiet. Thank you 💗

Re: A long rave

Hello @CheerBear @outlander @eth hope your plans pan out and you get some rest too.

I am trying to thing of something happy to do today, because I have a lot of chores lined up which is a bit of a drag Smiley Frustrated

Maybe something on netflix tonight. I have a short list Smiley Happy

Hi @Mazarita @Shaz51

Re: A long rave

Hi @frog hope you reach your goals with the chores today and find something good on netflix.  I'm watching Harrow on iView at the moment. Australian crime drama.  It's really good, just the sort of thing I like.

Re: A long rave

Do you like tea @frog? I have a little collection of fancy shmancy teas that I treat myself to sometimes when I need a little lift. Hope your Netflixing feels good and your chores go OK ❤

Re: A long rave

Maybe an icecream @frog? Its pretty hot here ao would be a good treat today

Re: A long rave

@eth @frog @CheerBear @outlander


I have dropped son off for his weekend away. Doing a rehearsal at my place today.  Keeping things simple.


Just thinking about how many incompatible social situations I have tried to fit into to, and no wonder I ended up being so frustrated and things not working.  It was all the rapid changes that made my life so complex ... not that I was complex per se ...


Hope you have a good weekend all.  As Good as Possible 

Smiley Happy



Re: A long rave

Re: A long rave

Hello Everyone Smiley Happy


It's a bit warm, sort of normal warm, considering I'm a bit inland, it's Australia & it's Summer. It has got to the time of year where I have to leave the bedroom curtains open a little at night; I need any little whisper of breeze that might just happen by. I have rubber-backed curtains & the reasons I do is because light & sound disturbs my sleep - having to leave them open a bit means waking up too early for my likings, when you combine the fact that I'm not getting tired at a more resonable hour at night - it makes for scratchy eyes a constant slight headache & bit of a case of the grumpies. I've started taking herbal sleep assist tablets again & yesterday I put a reminder on my phone, because it's been midnight or so before I've been remembering to take them & they take a couple of hours to do anything. I get paid in a couple of days & I'm going to buy a 12 volt, deep cycle battery of at least 100 Amp hour, the car battery that I have on the 2nd solar system isn't running the evaporative air cooler for me & it's that time of year too. I still think this Summer's been kinder than the past couple. 

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