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Looking after ourselves

New Contributor

What do you do

What do you do when you desperately need to feel supported and comforted without the worry of judgement but there is no one left in your life anymore that you can go to?


Re: What do you do

Hi @AGT0272 


I get how your feeling believe me I've been there.


While it may seem like there is no one for support but I've found that looking for support outside of the people I know is when the people around me really started understand and be there for me at the same time I made new friends at the places I looked. Just like you I came here but I also looked for support in my local community and found an arts and crafts meet and greet for people with mental health issues. But it took research and asking around to find it as it wasnt made very public. While it no longer runs I am still friends with people from the group and we support each other. 


Hope this helps

Re: What do you do

@AGT0272- Great question, i'm still trying to figure it out.  One thing you could do is look at volunteering, its normally a friendly and supportive environment.  Keep an eye on community notice boards at your local shopping centres and libraries and see what you can find online.


@BabyDragon- Excellent nickname and suggestions!  I'm glad things worked out for you.  I haven't had much success as yet, but really appreciate your suggestions.

Re: What do you do

Welcome to the forum @AGT0272, that's a great question. Many people find support in communities such as this one and phone services when they need that extra support. Have you managed to check out the other threads here? 

Re: What do you do

It is hard to find support, especially finding suppory that makes you feel comfortable. I too in the same position as you, I struggle to find that kind of support. The thing that I do is I sometimes write my feelings in a journal, it doesn’t matter if your grammar is poor or doesn’t make sense. Once you have emptied what is going through your mind, it gets easier. Trying to decrease a glass full of water. It is a bit difficult to reach out to people if you do not know where to start, but there are ways like what I just said previously. I also read other people’s discussion. Everytime I read them it makes me feel better that I am not alone. It is a good start that you have reached out in this forum. Its a start to seek help and increase your network of support. 

Re: What do you do

Checking in @AGT0272, how was your week this week? 

Re: What do you do

Hi Ali11,


I feel like I should write that I'm doing fantastic and everything is sweet because writing anything else is just a burden on others. But I'm going to try being truthful. What I really feel is stuck with no idea on how I'm meant to change anything. So I just keep going every day because I have to.


Thank you for asking it is very kind. And thank you to anyone else who took the time to send me a message.

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