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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Weight loss journey

I put on a lot of weight when started on some medication. From then it was hard to lose. I changed this weight gain medication. But after that I only lost a little bit of weight. Then I got older. I am now fifty. My knees developed arthritis. So I stopped training hard at the gym. Then I developed feet problems that I can no longer walk much. I tried to do star jumps and yoga. My weight did not come down but I put on more weight.

I bought feet arch support today and planning to go walking tomorrow morning.

Weight loss is mental, emotional and physical.


Hope I will get support from everyone.

Have a good evening.


Re: Weight loss journey

yes can be hard, I have been lifting weights of late and building mussell,..loving it..small steps grow into good things..I need to continue to take small steps in my life  

Re: Weight loss journey

@Matt12 @greenpea  I find that when I put on a lot of weight, I really don’t like myself and don’t have much patience with myself to take small steps. I feel a bit out of control, piling on weight daily. I don’t even think I eat too much. I think may be just because of getting older and having arthritis and pains, it becomes harder to move and exercise. That adds up to piling on weight. I am at stage of new phase of life. So everything looks with new eyes. May be weight losing journey would be a bit different too. @Hamsolo01 @eudemonism 

Re: Weight loss journey

It can be hard @Meowmy, especially when you are focused on a specific goal weight. Find activities that are good for you with your arthritis and feet problems, have you tried aquaerobics? 

Re: Weight loss journey

@Meowmy  Hi Meowmy  losing weight when you are on medication and over 50 is the pits I only know too well. Plus you have to live too. I refuse to be boring and not give myself a few treats everyday otherwise I might as well just give up. Walking has done it for me. I used to go to the gym but am not interested any more it is just not soothing for my mind. It reves me up and is a trigger for my psychosis. So walking it is Smiley Happy


Plus walking gives you the opportunity to say good morning to people so it is social and I can take in the views of where I walk. If you don't mind I will join you on your weightloss journey like I have with Qieenie as the more people involved the easier it is to be inspired to lose the weight Smiley Happy.


Love greenpea xxx 

Re: Weight loss journey

@greenpea @Ali11 @Matt12 One hour morning walk can be a start to weight loss. I am hoping to do one more walk in the evening. I eat just the same. I think is the non activity recent days cause my weight gain plus medication. My feet held up with the arch support.


Thanks for care and support.

Re: Weight loss journey

That's great to hear that your feet held up @Meowmy. Do you have a specific route you take on your walk or is wherever your feet lead you? 

Re: Weight loss journey

@Meowmy as uncomfortable and confronting as medication induced weight gain is... + other nasty side effects... + comorbidity problems... they're not about to magically go away... so I've just got to accept them...

Re: Weight loss journey

I have found life hard at my end, small steps do help me, progress is inportant the size does not matter..

Re: Weight loss journey

@Matt12 @eudemonism I went for walk again today. @greenpea I am exercising to get my feet pains better . Small steps do count.

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