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Looking after ourselves


Moving forward

Hey everyone 


I have recientaly been struggling with how to move from whats making me upset and down i keep trying to find ways but i keep feeling like im hitting a brick wall 


Re: Moving forward

@Farmchick  Hi Farmchick I know exactly what you mean. I have excessive feelings of guilt which at times have held me back for 9 years. My pdoc has said to me on numerous occassions isn't 9 years enough time to persecute oneself over events which happened when I was extremely ill. I don't know what the answer is ..... well I do I want to be totally honest with my loved ones about what happened but if I do that it could break up the bond between family members ..... so I have to carry around this burden of guilt until I can finally get the courage to shed it....


I tell you one thing that has helped me is my spirituality. I am not a religious person but spiritual and I find that believing in a all forgiving creator and trying to be a good person and repentant really helps me. 

Re: Moving forward

Hey @greenpea thanks for a different veiw on the way i can handle it 

Re: Moving forward

Hi @Farmchick, sometimes it can be difficult moving forward. Do you have any hobbies or activities that you enjoy doing? 

Re: Moving forward

Hey @Ali11 i love netball and reading and taking photos 

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