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Looking after ourselves

Re: Just checking in.



@Teej  @CheerBear 💕

Re: Just checking in.

Super quick pop by from me but I wanted to share some good after my not-good yesterday. I've had a really enjoyable day (so far) today. I went to my gig and did reasonably well at it. I felt more confident and settled than I have for a while and I had heaps of fun. It felt like a timely reminder that maybe I actually can do stuff (and am doing stuff) even when things are a bit shaky. It was great to see that tricky brain isn't always right when it says annoying things like "not good enough" and "failing at everything" and "totally kidding yourself thinking you can do this". I feel a bit more 'got this' again today and like maybe things can be both shaky and OK at the same time.

Thanks again for being an awesome safe landing space, and a place to share the good with the not-so-good. Hope everyone is doing OK/OK-ish/better than OK today ❤

Re: Just checking in.

Ps @Faith-and-Hope I just properly looked at that image above. I love that 🐱🐯😊

Re: Just checking in.

Re: Just checking in.

Remember it on the shaky days @CheerBear ..... you have a lion-hearted shadow ❣️

Re: Just checking in.

I love that image too @Faith-and-Hope 

hugs my @CheerBear HeartHeart


Re: Just checking in.

So lovely that you have been feeling a little more capable of doing things today and had some positive out of your day. Hope it continued for you @CheerBear . Hugs Hon Heart

Re: Just checking in.

Just checking in. 

Its been a while. I’m ok at the moment. Just in my way home from therapist. I’ve had 2.5 hours of counsellor this week. It has been helpful. My brain has been quite twisted on lots of things. Have managed to sort a few. 


Having a very complex week with relationships. And also some big decisions re court stuff....I know what I’m supposed to do but emotions are getting in the way. 


Thats about it from me. 

Signed ‘the one in a strange headspace with a drony voice’ . 


Re: Just checking in.

Hugs @ strange headspaced drony voiced one 😉 Good to hear from you ❤ @Teej 

Re: Just checking in.

@Teej 💛🧡💚💙💜 Good to hear from you Hon Smiley Very Happy

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