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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

I need a laugh

Been a rough time,  so I'm hoping someone has a really funny joke to get me laughing again. 

I used to have a real twisted,  black sense of humour. 

So,  give it a shot. 

Tell me your funniest joke.


Re: I need a laugh

@utopia- I'm so bad at remembering jokes and won't bore you with crappy ones.  Looking forward to seeing what other people can come up with!  I could do with a laugh tody as well.  Its been a long day at work.


Wishing you all the best Smiley Happy

Re: I need a laugh

hello my @utopia  and @Gazza75 Heart

Did you hear about the Man who run into a Bar ---- OUCH

Re: I need a laugh

Black humour you say @utopia 

****warning it is black humour


@utopia I’ll find some more. 

I’ve found the Dry Bar Comedy stand ups quite amusing lately. There is some really amusing ones. I see it on Facebook but you can google them too. It’s listed as a family friendly comedy bar which it is but there are some very funny dry and slightly dark humour too. 

I have also been in need of some comedy relief today. Not feeling like sharing much about me  but ok to share my wacky sense of humour too. 

Re: I need a laugh

Related image

Re: I need a laugh

Image result for gemma correll cartoons

Re: I need a laugh

Love them all.  Keep them coming. 

Looks like it's more than just me who could use a laugh. 

Re: I need a laugh

Ha ha

Hugs @utopia 

Here is a longish one that gave me a laugh yesterday, but I like it cos it mixes issues and language beautifully: black/white/ ... high/low brow culture. and men and women.

rapper and Shapespearean Miriam Margoyles

Forum wont let me post it, but its on Glen Davies ... you can find it on face book.

Re: I need a laugh

Hello @Shaz51 and everyone.  I'd probably be that clumsy guy bumping into the bar LOL


That is rather funny and dark one @Teej It's definitely a pick me up on a slow thursday afternoon Smiley Happy  Thanks for sharing!

Re: I need a laugh

I saw that and loved it @Appleblossom . Very funny. Was that the snippet from the graham norton show? 


Glad you liked the dark humour @Gazza75  😊

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