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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

I have no friends.

How do you meet friends these days? I feel so isolated.


Re: I have no friends.

hi @Supercoolguy 

Go to Meetups, there are lots of nice people to meet. It just takes hard work & time.


I was very socially isolated for 7 years due to my MI. I spent 2 years developing friendships thru Meetup. It was very hard work but with a lots of persistence it worked. I now have various circles of friends and an active social life.

Re: I have no friends.

Hi @Supercoolguy,

Firstly, sorry to hear you feel so isolated. That must be really tough for you.

Thank you for posting, however, as this is a great question that many others can also benefit from reading. Have you aready tried ways to meet friends that hasn't worked? It would be great to hear what ideas you have tried or haven't enjoyed doing.

Re: I have no friends.

@BryanaCamp Thanks mate, I have tried meet up however not too much success. I guess the key is to keep trying. Thanks again for your help.

Re: I have no friends.

We're sorry to hear that meetup wasn't a success for you @Supercoolguy, what interests or hobbies do you have? You could find communities or groups of those same interests, and because you have something in common, you may find it easier to connect with people. 

Re: I have no friends.

Hello and hugs @Supercoolguy , @BryanaCamp , @Ali11 

do you have any furbabies @Supercoolguy  xxxx

Re: I have no friends.

no worries @Supercoolguy . Yeah, keep trying, it's a bit hard to advise you more with not that much info - this is a safe space where no-one will judge you and it's free$ so why not take advantage of that? write more, we can help you more  Smiley Happy

Re: I have no friends.

Hi Supercoolguy.

This is a nice topic you posted.Thank you.

I'm housebound by cfs.I live on my ow.I have a tv,radio and a computer for companionship.Sometimes I get the odd visitor. I see more delivery drivers when groceries and purchases get delivered. I'm on social media.That helps a little to keep me occupied but hasnt really helped with the isolation. I wont give up.I guess I'll find people locally to bring new friends into my life and in person too.

I needed to learn and relearn social skills just in case I met new people no matter where they are from. Here are a few things to remember and share with others:

1)When you first meet someone,start by just saying,"Hello".

2)Introduce yourselves,"Hi.My name is..........".

3)The best topic to talk about: each other. You are bringing a new friend into your lives.You should get to know each other,simply by taking it in turns of asking each other questions to get to learn more about each other.What things do you want to know? Just ask. Do you remember when you were kids at school and you had to talk to others? Thats all it takes.Those 3 basic steps.

Thanks for stopping by.Let me know how you get on.

There you go.That's all it takes.Dream it,rehearse it and practice it.

Re: I have no friends.

Hi @Supercoolguy 

I can relate to your isolation, I've been told to contact mens shed. It's out of my comfort zone though.

Re: I have no friends.

Those are really good tips @Denv12! Also, make sure you are listening to people, so visual clues like looking interested, repeating back to show you understand and asking more questions helps to build a connection. What other tips do you have for @Supercoolguy

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