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Looking after ourselves

Casual Contributor

Help me !!

My daughter was diagnosed with depression about 5 years ago and since then have been on and off Anti depressants . He changed medication about three months ago as she said that it wasn’t helping her at all. On new medication through psychiatrist and he has given her medication for bipolar .. still no improvement in fact it’s worse and she is had a big burst last night that she can’t cope with life and have been drinking alcohol excessively . How do I help her as she says she don’t want to live anymore 


Re: Help me !!

Re: Help me !!

Thanks ...

Re: Help me !!

hi @Bills
it sounds really tough for you and your daughter atm. if she is suicidal and your concerned for her safety please take her to the emergency department or call an ambulance. they can help her in hospital including with her medications.

i would also suggest she get back to her psychiatrist asap she can let them know whats going on and that the medications are making her worse rather then better.

Re: Help me !!

Hi @Bills, we hope you were able to get the help you needed for your daughter. How is everything going now? 

Re: Help me !!

Sorry to respond so late.. she is a little better after going to her GP and is going to wean off her anti depressants .. will see if she can take some herbal stuff instead as she thinks the anti depressants are making her go weird and too much anxiety . 

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