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Looking after ourselves

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Something that made me laugh and grateful at the same time.

When darling and I were heading out on our walk yesterday heading into town FIL was a little concerned about how far we were going and always the optimist told us to call him if we needed a ride home lol. Nice that he was thinking of us and looking out for us though 😊

Thankful that we made it home without having to call for help 😁


Re: Focussing on the positives-

Grateful for family time away today 😊

Mum and I were going to ride our bikes again (too many peoplemto fit in 1 car) but weather was looking to rain so we drove instead. Was a nice time down by the river front and nice to get out of town for something different. 


Re: Focussing on the positives-

Big positive for this week.

Despite being down on target exercise seeing some promising results at weekly weigh in 😁

Usually aim to weigh in Each weekend Saturday or Sunday morning. Got a cudos from my tracking app 👍 😁

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Grateful for some family time yesterday and today. Went to an outdoors type show out of town yesterday with FIL and family movie tonight. I was half expecting to have to take S3 out before the end but he while far from sitting still had a great time and lasted till the end. 


We all got a giggle after when S3 was complaining that the 'stupid song' (played in the movie) was stuck in his head and kept singing the key line over and over 🤣

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Today I just wanted to say how grateful I am for my family, despite the associated dramas that come with loving them.

I have to admit that there have been times that I have looked at one of my siblings 40+ bachelor and thought wouldn’t that be nice. Does what he wants when he wants, buys what he wants when he wants, overseas holiday every year new car every 2 years etc etc... well after a discussion with bro and separate discussion with mum over the past week what I see now is a sad lonely man. Sick of his job (I have always seen as a dream job) and spends all of his time running because 'what else is there to do' Man Sad  Seeing this has reinforced to me how much my family means to me despite the pain that goes with it.  

Love my wife, love my children and so grateful to have them.

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