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Looking after ourselves

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Biggest positive for today is MIL is looking a little brighter. Drs are working on a transfer back to local hospital which will make visiting much easier. 


Re: Focussing on the positives-

Something that made me laugh today.

While darling took S1 & S2 to the movies this afternoon I took  S3 to the shops and got some new crayons books and a water bottle for him. Well when we got home he very excitedly took them across to the bird and was telling him all about them lol.

The funniest part was the bird actually looked like he was listening and looking. 


Re: Focussing on the positives-

awwww that is sooo good @Determined about S3 xxx

Hello @Darcy, @Faith-and-Hope, @Bella1978, @MIFANTCARER, @Janiee, @CarerJo

postive I was able to spend the morning with mum , even though i was cleaning and had to go to the hospital for a blood test

Re: Focussing on the positives-

One big positive for me this week.

When darling took S1 & S2 to the movies earlier this week while I looked after S3 she sent me a text while they were out thanking me for allowing them that time out. It really softened my heart as expressions of appreciation are few and far between. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Something that made me laugh today...

Well I was not laughing to begin with as it all began when I twisted an ankle and fell down a flight if stairs 😫

Well when S3 saw me sitting on the floor propped up in a corner where I landed he ran to get a book and sat down beside me for a story. Most excited like I was sitting there just for him 😅

At least it took the pain away for a bit. Laughter really is the best medicine. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Positive for today...

I was so happy to see @Bubbles5 back this morning.

Trusting that you are doing and continue to do better bubbles :-) 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

After reading @Darcy s thread on emotional resilience I thought it would be good to revisit this thread. This was a strategy (focusing on the posatives) that has been of benefit in the past.

The idea was to at the end of each day reflect on:

  1. Something postiive that has happened today.
  2. Something to be grateful for today.
  3. If I can manage it- somthing that made me laugh today.  

Sometimes (for me anyway) we have to look a little harder but these things are often there. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

For me today a positive was a family outing to the beach with FIL.

We were going to have fish and chips on the beach but ended up going to sizzler then went for a walk after and the boys were able to have a play in a park.


I am grateful for the fact that I have recently found the confidence to get my motorbike licence and been able to afford a motorbike. This is a source of much needed self care time, most times I come back from a ride feeling less stressed and more relaxed. Doesn't always last so long but for that moment there is some respite. 


Something that made me laugh today.... 

I kind of fell off my motorbike... it was in a parking area that was wet and slippery , when I put my foot down my foot we t one way and the bike went the other..  just a bit embarrassing lol.

Then I had to pick up a 200kg bike on that same greasy surface... but we got it up and on our way again.  





Re: Focussing on the positives-

Something positive for this week... We had family stay over which has been nice. Weather cleared for a nice picnic at a lakeside location out of town. (Darlings) Uncle and I rode motorbikes down while the family drove. Uncle had not been on a bike for years and from interstate so really enjoyed the experience and I enjoyed showing him some of our area. 


While struggling in many ways at the moment Darling managed having visitors in the house with some support so proud of her. 





Re: Focussing on the positives-

How is FIL @Determined 

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