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Looking after ourselves

New Contributor

Any advice??


Hi all.i am new and wanted to share. How do you deal with or cope when one of your siblings who is married to a narcissist. My sibling has not be in touch due to his wife who currently is pregnant as well. I have had a list of negative projections sent to me about why I am so bad. Basically a character assassination. They have been married less than 4mths and in that time I have only seen them maybe 3 times and I have had complaints. Just seems impossible to reason with her or him as they seem to have a highly dysfunctional relationship and expecting their first child.Smiley Sad


Re: Any advice??

Hi there @Hopenfaith  thank you for posting. You are definitely not alone with this one, it's really challenging to manage so we're sending you a lot of love. Narcissistic personalities do have a tendency to isolate their partners from any family or friends, so no doubt you're feeling the brunt of that and it can be quite challenging at times. Have you got a therapist or counsellor yourself you can chat to about this? Our SANE helpline are available to talk to for general information on potential strategies as well, their number is 1800 187 263.


We also have a quick guide on NPD here that's quite informative.


Do you have any personal support in regards to the aggressive attacks about your character, anyone you can speak to in the way of friends etc? 

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