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Not recovered but muddling along


On NYE My house and my shop were destroyed. So not only did I have no where to live , lose all my possessions I lost my way of life and my buisiness which I worked at for 7 days a week.

We had to move away and lose our community as we had nowhere to live and no family there.

I felt up until a few weeks ago I was going ok, ups and downs, but recently with all the talk about how hard life with covid has been I have felt more fragile and forgotten.


I cry at the drop of a hat. 

I volunteer for two organisations and have tried to get a routine but I feel people think as it is nearly a year we are over it  recovered it and moved on..


I dont know many people who have been through what I have so this forum is a good way of communicating. 

Everey day I think about what has happened  dont need an anniversary for that.

Take care 



Re: Not recovered but muddling along

@Klutz  Welcome to the forums.


I will add a thread you might find help Re: Welcome to Life After Bushfires - Online Community 


There are others here who really do understand from personal experience.


I’m not surprised you feel fragile, and with an anniversary to remind you.


Take care where you can.



Re: Not recovered but muddling along

Hi @Klutz and welcome 💙 


I completely agree that it can be hard finding a place to be heard by people with similar experiences, so I'm relieved to hear you have found us. In this community you are not alone. 


I can see that you have connected on another discussion with @YouAreNotAlone and I thought I might tag a few more peers here that can offer their perspective and words from similar experiences @Burnt @Fizz @IamNOTalone @Shazi55 @Frangipani1 


Daisydreamer 🌼

Re: Not recovered but muddling along

Hi @Klutz and welcome 


The road to recovery is not a linear one and it's completely normal to have ups and downs, it's a hard business, and no two roads are alike. 

I'm heartened to see you are volunteering. Often the more structure we have is helpful but there are days too when we just aren't up to it. And that's okay too.

Cry as much as you need to! 

Emotionally the only way to get through things is to feel them and acknowledge those feelings. 

It's not easy, it's painful and often messy. 

I strongly recommend seeing a counsellor or therapist (if you are not already) to help guide you through this process. 

Please be both kind and gentle with yourself. Don't expect yourself to be able to 'just fix it and move on'. It just doesn't work that way! 

Lots of self care is needed on this journey and you deserve that from yourself 




Re: Not recovered but muddling along

Hi @Klutz, glad you've found us and the Life After Bushfires community! As many others have said, you're not alone here. Just thought I'd pop in and share this article in case you or anyone else passing through finds it helpful 😊


Re: Not recovered but muddling along

Hi @Klutz 

im so glad you have found the life after bushfires forum. 

I am so sorry to learn of your massive loss. 

I also lost my home on NYE. 

I didn’t loose my business, or main income or anything, however I lost my side business that I was planning to take full time. Which set me back quite a few years.

enough about me, back to you, I would just like to say how I feel your pain, especially with the whole covid situation. 


I love that you are volunteering. What a great way to heal, and help others. 

You sound like a very self less person, ready to help anyone in need. 

Just remember in times like this, you are also the person in need. 

Reach out where and when you need it, we all deserve a helping hand after what we have been through. 


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